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United for Literacy believes any place can be a learning place. We deliver our programs in schools, community centres, shelters—anywhere we're invited.

All over Canada—in urbanized, rural, and remote locations—United for Literacy is there. We work with community partners to determine what is most needed in their region. This includes programs for children, teens, adults, seniors, and families. Our free literacy and numeracy programs include:

  • after-school homework clubs, including reading, writing, and STEM support 
  • workplace literacy 
  • essential skills for adults
  • learning support for adults with developmental disabilities
  • Reading Tents where children learn to love reading
  • Summer Literacy Camps to keep kids reading and learning during the summer
  • small group tutoring and conversation groups for newcomers
  • online reading support
  • and many more.

Practical and goal-oriented, some programs are in-person, while others reach people online. Our programs are tailored to people of different ages and life stages. We work to meet the community's priorities and goals. Educators consider our programs to be best-in-class examples of Student-Centred Individualized Learning principles

For programs offered only in French, please go to Littératie Ensemble.

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