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The Power of Volunteering

Volunteers are the heartbeat of our literacy services. Each year, over 1,500 volunteers give thousands of hours to United for Literacy. They tutor math, reading, and writing; read stories at our Reading Tents; help with special events; and more. We are always looking for more people to volunteer with us.

Read on to learn more about becoming a Program Volunteer to work with children, youth, or adults. We offer flexibility—our literacy programs take place both online and in person. Read the FAQs to find out more about becoming an Event Volunteer and other volunteer opportunities.

Programs vary from region to region. Contact your regional United for Literacy office to find out about tutoring and other volunteer opportunities available in your area.

No teaching experience? No problem! Program volunteers come from many different backgrounds and skill sets. What they share is a wish for everyone to enjoy the benefits of reading, writing, math, and other essential skills. United for Literacy volunteer tutors are all trained and supported by staff and experienced volunteers. 

For more information, visit our Program Volunteers page. 

All volunteers must adhere to the Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities Act.    


Program Volunteers

Take part in program planning, coordination, delivery, and evaluation. It's a great way to learn new skills and share your knowledge with others.

Learn more and apply here!

Corporate Opportunities

By participating in corporate volunteering, your team can truly make a difference in their communities. 

Learn more and apply here!
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