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Women's History Month: A Tribute to Women in Correctional Facilities

Mar. 31 2023

Before Women’s History Month 2023 is over, we want to honour the women who take part in United for Literacy programs in correctional facilities and reintegration units across the country. These women are working hard to reach their goals. They are finding new ways to express themselves and share their thoughts and emotions.

In Saskatchewan, United for Literacy Community Coordinator Rachel Gray and her intern, Khrista, run a creative writing club in the Saskatoon Women’s Reintegration Unit. Every other week, Khrista shares journal prompts and story ideas with program participants. In this safe space, the women write out their feelings and share their work with the group, if they choose to do so.

One creative writing club participant, Stephanie, gave this testimonial:

My name is Stephanie and I am currently living at the womens reintegration unit. This class was offered in the evening certain nights of the week. At first I was hesitant to join or participate, but Khrista was kind and approachable. She made us feel safe to express ourselves through creative writing without fear or judgement. With this class I have found a positive outlet for my emotions. I believe I speak on behalf of the girls at the WRU, when I say we need this. Thank you.

xo Stephanie xo

In Iqaluit, Instructor Coordinator Patrick Woodcock works with Cindy (name changed for privacy), a client in the Nunavut Women’s Correctional Centre. Cindy is working to improve her reading and writing skills. They meet twice a week, so that Cindy can one day achieve her long-term goal of attaining her GED. At their meetings, Anne also writes in two different journals. In the first, she writes about whatever she wants. In the second, she writes reviews of animated shorts that she and Patrick watch on his computer.

Please join us in acknowledging the work these women are doing and encourage them to continue to read, write, and share their ideas and experiences.

If you would like to support programs that support women like Stephanie and Cindy, please donate to United for Literacy or become a volunteer.


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