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Content Editing with Kentico - Page Builder

Using the page builder

The page builder is a customizable drag and drop interface that will let you design the content of pages with the use of sections and widgets. 

To access the page builder:

  • Go to the "Pages" application
    • (Second Level Test!)
  • Make sure you are in "Edit" mode (selected in blue above the content tree)
  • Select a page type from the content tree that has a "page" tab (for this site it will primarily be "Content Page" page types)

Section Types:

The "Page Builder" consists of a series of containers and blue or grey boxes with "+" icons in them. The grey + boxes on the left hand side of the viewport allow you to add sections. These sections are pre determined based on the design of the site and contain styling options.


Single column full width: used for full width widgets and sections

Single column narrow width: this is used for job posts

Single column with max width: used most frequently on the site

Two columns full width: not used but good to have. It will have two columns and stretch to the edge of the browser

Two Columns with max Width: two columns with space on the side

Properties of Section Types:

Properties can be adjusted for section types by hovering over the section type and clicking on the gear icon in the dark grey box for the section:

Each section type has a set of properties associated with it. These properties allow you to change the background colour of the section as well as add a title for the section and adjust the spacing properties of the section. You do not need to use these properties in order for the section to work but they are there if you need them. 

If you need to change a section you can also do this without losing your work by clicking on the "template" icon above the properties "gear" icon. 

Once you have set the section type then you can populate the section with widgets by clicking on the blue "+" in the section to get the widget menu. 

Some widgets will work better with certain section types. For the most part widgets will work in all section types, but in the case you want to change the way things look you can adjust the section type by hovering over it and you will notice a dark grey menu at the right hand side of the section. 


Widgets are used to add page content. Some widgets reference "page types" in the content tree. These widgets will pull in this content so you wont have to edit them on the individual page. Other widgets are editable within the widget properties. To view the widget properties click on the gear icon on the right hand side when hovering over the widget. 

Note: if you click the "copy" icon next to the gear icon on the widget it will make a copy of the widget. When you go to the widget menu you will see it copied on the list. This is helpful if you like the styling and content of a widget or what to reuse the widget. 

Widgets used on the site:

Accordion - widget used on "Page" tab to connect to "Accordion tab" page types on the content tree

Board and Staff - used to display "staff" page types on the content tree

CTA Footer Image Text - edited in widget properties 

Event Gallery - displays "Event" page types from the content tree

Form - connects to the "Forms" application and displays available forms

Full Screen Image with Text Box - edited in widget properties

General Cards - connects to "General Card" page type on content tree

General Cards Icon - connects to "General Card Icon" page type on content tree

General text with Icon - edited in the widget properties

Home Page Cards - edited within the widget properties

Home Page Image Slider - connects to the "Hero Slide" page type in the content tree

Image Text CTA with Alternating Left/Right Image - edited within the widget properties

Jobs Postings - connects to "job listings" page types in the content tree

Logo Carousel - connects to "Supporter" page type in the content tree

News Listing - connects to "News" page type in the content tree

Programs Gallery - displays programs list from custom table (Salesforce)

Quick Links - edited within widget properties

Related Jobs - connects to "job listings" page types in the content tree

Resources Gallery - connects to "Resource" page type in the content tree

Rich Text - a text / html editor with ability to add images, link etc

Spacer - used to visually space out widgets (not required)

Stories Gallery - connects to the "Story" page type in the content tree

Supporters Listing - connects to "Supporter" page type in the content tree

Testimonial - edited within the widget properties

Testimonial Slider - connects to "Testimonial Slide" page type in the content tree

Time line - connects to "Time Line Item" page type in the content tree

header icon General Text with Icon

This widget can be used at the top of any page you want to include an icon next to the page title. This paragraph of text is optional and if not needed then it can be left empty and there wont be any additional space added below the title.

This is a "Rich Text Widget"

This is the rich text widget. It is used throughout the site to add text. You can also add images and links with this widget. The styles that you can use are based on the site design. You can view them here

Home Page Cards Widget:

Does not need to be only used on the homepage

Image text CTA with Alternating left/right image widget:

Section Title

This is an image text CTA widget. The text and images be alternated so that you can have this widget on pages where you want alternating image and text. This was not on the design but is useful to have. You can also change the column ratio from 50-50 (what is there now) to 70-30. The image dimensions for this should be 648x447px 

Optional Button

Full Screen Image with Text Box widget:

Full Screen Image with Text Box

This is the full screen image text box widget. The ideal dimensions of the image are 1366 x 624 and Mobile 390 x 624. This widget should be used with the one column full width section type

Accordion Widget:

This widget allows you to reference the accordion page type. The accordion page type lets you add HTML to make embedding possible on forms

Sample Title

Yes, there are group volunteering opportunities in some regions. Please contact United for Literacy to find out if anything is currently available.  

Volunteer Inquiry Form

United for Literacy relies on volunteers for success in everything we do. Each year, our volunteers donate more than 50,000 hours to tutoring math, reading and writing; reading stories; helping with special events; and working for the United for Literacy Book Donation Program 
No teaching experience? No problem! Our volunteers come from many different backgrounds and experiences. Fill out the form below to become a volunteer tutor today!
Please note, you must be residing in Canada to volunteer with us
You will receive a response email from United for Literacy so please add us to your Safe Senders list and check your spam folder
* Indicates a required field
Contact Details

Please note that from January 4th 2022, anyone volunteering in-person at a 
United for Literacy program must provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or an exemption from a medical professional.

Yes, volunteers are needed for Events (Scrabble, Giller Light Bash, and others) and for other purposes. Please contact United for Literacy for more details. Please specify your region and whether you're interested in in-person or online/remote opportunities.   

The time commitment varies by region and program. Please contact United for Literacy for more details.  

  • Building new skills  

  • Making new friends  

  • Giving back to your community  

  • Knowing you’re making a difference  

  • Being part of a nationwide team that believes that everyone deserves equitable access to learning 

No, you don’t need teaching experience to be a volunteer literacy tutor. You should:  

  • Be open to a variety of people and experiences  

  • Have English or French language skills—and other languages are a definite asset  

  • Be enthusiastic, patient, flexible, and creative  

  • Be over 14 years of age   

Anonymous (1)
Carrier Sekani Family Services
Chawkers Foundation
Coast Capital Savings Federal
Credit Union
Community Foundation for Kingston and Area
Estate of Claudine Margaret
Josephine Goller
Estate of Georgina Margaret Brunette
First West Foundation
Gordon & Ruth Gooder Charitable
Graham C. Lount Family Foundation
IA Financial Group
J. P. Bickell Foundation
KPMG Foundation
Nunastar Properties Inc.
Ottawa Community Foundation
Power Corporation of Canada
Prairie Valley School Division
Magnet Student Work
Placement Program
Thomas Sill Foundation Inc.
United Way Centraide North
East Ontario
United Way of Lethbridge & South
Western Alberta
United Way Waterloo Region
Université de Moncton
Wawanesa Insurance


Anglophone South School District 
Bill E. and Karen Barnett 
BC Hydro 
Broadridge Financial Solutions (Canada) 
Cisco Systems Canada Co. 
Max Cohen 
Concordia University Student Association 
Diabsolut Inc. 
Eel Ground (Natoaganeg) 
Estate of Margaret Mullin 
Andrew Grant 
ICTC eTalent Canada 
The John and Judy Bragg Family Foundation 
Leonard Foundation 
Peter Gzowski Foundation For Literacy 
Pure Storage  
Rayan Rafay 
Resolute Forest Products 
Rotary Club of Winnipeg 
Selkirk and District Community Foundation 
Selkirk Community Renewal Corporation 
Michael Shum 
Surerus Murphy 
United Way of Yukon 
Mary Wheeler 
Bruce Munro Wright 

Anonymous (5) 
AGF Management Limited 
Anglophone South School District (NB) 
Paul M. Beeston 
Black Rock  
B-Line Technical Services Inc. 
Sandra Jayne Bredin 
Sherry Campbell 
Brian Clark 
John D. Coburn 
Nancy Evans 
The Faria-Kerr Family 
Stephen Faul 
Marija Finney 
Hamber Foundation 
Heights Development 
Elizabeth Huntsman 
Trung Hieu Huynh 
The Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) 
IFSE Institute 
Infinite Investment Systems Ltd. 
Mary-Anne Johnston 
Dave Kirkconnell 
Sandi Kiverago 
Francoise Leon 
Lifetime Charitable Foundation 
Lyn Goldman Fund at South Saskatchewan Community Foundation 
Lauren Manteuffel 
Mary McDougall Maude 
Annette McKinnon 
Janet McMurtry 
Catherine Milne 
Peter Morgan 
Susan Morris 
Norfolk County Public Library 
Cara-Marie O'Hagan 
Patricia O'Malley 
Anne Parker 
Marc-Anthony Peccia 
Pelzer Family Fund at Calgary Foundation 
Penguin Random House Canada Limited 
Eric Plato 
Rideau-Ottawa Valley Learning Network 
Joan P. Ridout 
Rubin Thomlinson LLP 
Geoffrey Rytell 
Select Vantage 
Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation 
Swan City Rotary Club of Grande Prairie 
A. Christina Tari 
The Investment Funds Institute of Canada 
University of British Columbia 
Elly Van Gelderen 
Judith Wilder 
John Wiltshire 
Richard Worzel 
Michele Wright 

Anonymous (4) 
Carolyn Anglin 
Dennis Bayley 
Blattel Family Fund 
Kaylea Bove 
Robb Bowker 
Angela Briscoe 
Canadian ETF Association 
Canadian Medical Foundation 
Margaret Catley-Carlson 
COSMOSS de la Matanie 
Alan Covington 
Joan Dawson 
James DeWolf 
Gordon Dobson-Mack 
Lisa Eckler 
Sheila Leah Fischman 
Catherine Graham 
Tovi Grossman 
Tom Howell 
Melvin Hsu 
Lucille Huron 
Jackman Foundation 
Robert and Darlene James 
Erin Julihn 
James and Diane Kearns 
Patricia Kennedy 
Leslie Kovac 
Alex Kraas 
Karen Labuik 
Jean-Pierre Latour 
Joan Lawrence 
J. Alexander Lowden 
Colin MacKenzie 
Kevin McGuire 
Kelly McKeown 
Cathy Mehagan 
Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy 
Stephen and Fran Musial 
Ellen O'Brien 
Kathleen Pomrenke 
Kathleen Ramsay 
Roberta Ann Rich 
Meredith Roberts 
Donald Semple 
Anthony Spears 
Suzanne Spragge 
St. Thomas University 
Simon Tanner and Caroline Breedyk-Tanner 
Elizabeth Taylor 
Sarah Thompson 
Toronto Public Library 
Nanci E. Turk 
R. David Winship 


Codefusion Communications Inc. 
First Book Canada 
Hasbro Canada Corporation 
Institute For Cross-Cultural Exchange (ICE) 
Newcom Media Inc.  
Ana Pascos 
Penguin Random House Canada 
Rakuten Kobo  
Scholastic's Classrooms Care  
Scotiabank Giller Prize Committee 

Special thanks to the Literacy Leaders Monthly Giving Club. Monthly gifts provide consistent funding for literacy programs. 
Anonymous (7) 
Christopher Andree 
Robert Anglin 
Maureen Anglin 
Sarah Banani 
Craig Barrett 
Brian Bartlett 
Darby Bayly 
Larry Bilokrely 
Diana Bouchard 
Laura Boudreau 
Kaylea Bove 
Sandra Jayne Bredin 
Angela Briscoe 
Jonathan Broadberry 
Benedicte Brueder 
Ruth Bryan 
Michele Bussieres 
Josephine Campbell 
Robert Campbell 
Sherry Campbell 
Aileen Cheon-Hayes 
Judith Collard 
Maria Christina Conlon 
Amy Copland 
Peter Curzon 
Michael D'Costa 
Nathan De Maestri 
Bogna Dembek 
Michelle Dharmalingam 
David Edney 
Ana Maria Faria 
Stephen Faul 
Vanessa Ferguson 
Stephen Freeman 
Raymond Gates 
Peter Goddard 
Catherine Graham 
Matthew Gray 
Tovi Grossman 
Ellen Heaney 
Stephen Heeney 
Tom Howell 
Louisa Howerow 
Joanne Huffa 
Carolyn Inch 
Carol Jamieson 
Jacqueline Jolliffe 
David Jory 
Erin Julihn 
Zestaline Kim 
Sandi Kiverago 
Janice Kostash 
Alex Kraas 
Steffen Kramer 
Tetyana Krukovets 
Karen Labuik 
Jean-Pierre Latour 
Tannys Laughren 
Sandra Lewis 
Norma Lundberg 
Rene Malenfant 
Louis Derik Marchand 
Pamela Mazza 
Nyssa McLeod 
Robyn McMorris 
Janet McMurtry 
Cathy Mehagan 
Claudine Mingot 
Peter Morgan 
James Morrison 
Walter Murray 
Azmina Navodia 
Natasha Ogryzlo 
Nobuko Oikawa 
Anne Parker 
Jack Pearpoint 
Sarah Pendlebury 
Eric Plato 
Kathleen Ramsay 
Denise Reaume 
Virginia Reimer 
Masooma Rizvi 
Meredith Roberts 
Peter Roberts 
Robert Robson 
Dorothy Rogers 
Felicity Ronaghan 
Janice Rubin 
Rick Rumney 
Michael Ruxton 
Kafairol Sabawi 
Elizabeth Taylor 
Christine Thomlinson 
Sarah Thompson 
Martin Tremblay 
Brigitte Tremorin 
Melanie Valcin 
Mei Wa Wong 
Michele Wright 

Quick Links widget:

This widget lets you set the amount of links, name the links as well as add the URL for each

Testimonial Widget:

This widget works best with the single column max width and an image that is above 700px wide. The type and image are edited in the widget properties.

This is the testimonial slider. Quotes can be added and the images are set to be 100% of the width of the container. If used with one column sections on pages that have anchor links the image should be roughly 700px wide. If used on full width than it should be 1366 width

Enter text here..

Spacer widget:

adding extra bottom spacing will add 80px

Testimonial Slider Widget:

This widget references the testimonial page type. Find the path to where these page types are for it to display. Sequence of testimonials can be determined by their order in the content tree

CTA Footer
This is the CTA Footer Image Text Widget.
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